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Institute of Bioinformatics has a passion for excellence which is translated into successful implementation of international projects in the fields of Genomics and Proteomics. In a span of seven years, Institute of Bioinformatics has evolved itself into a premier research institute.

Scientists working at the Institute of Bioinformatics are involved in research using cutting edge technolgies in the field of bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics. Researchers will be authors/co-authors on publications resulting from their projects.

To reward its brilliant and hard working researchers, IOB has started a doctoral programme. Manipal University, Amrita University, Pondicherry University, Bangalore University & Kuvempu University have recognized IOB as a research center for conducting Ph.D. programme. So far 26 researchers working with IOB have been registered for this programme.


Academic/Dissertation projects for M.Sc./M.Tech and B.Tech students

IOB is a premier center for Proteomics and Computation Biology. IOB emphasizes cutting edge research in Databases, Computational Genomics, Proteomics and Comparative Genomics. IOB has developed systems biology resources of international repute including Human Protein Reference Database (published in NAR and Genome Research; cited by over 2000 research articles), Plasma Proteome Database (published in Proteomics), Human Proteinpedia (published in Nature Biotechnology), a resource for human signaling pathways called NetPath (published in Genome Biology), Pancreatic Cancer Biomarker Resource (published in PLos Medicine) and Resource for Asian Primary Immune Diseases (published in NAR). Besides developing resources, scientists at IOB performed a comparative genomic analysis of mouse and human X chromosomes and identified novel protein coding regions on the human X chromosome, which was published in Nature Genetics. Another study, also published in Nature Genetics, involved construction of largest interactome based on the protein-protein interaction data available in various protein databases. 

IOB is offering to extend its expertise in proteomics and development of signaling pathway maps to M.Sc./M.Tech/B.Tech students of various disciplines of Life Sciences in India in the form of Academic/dissertation projects for 4-6 months. Selected students will be trained in i) annotation of signaling pathways leading to individual manuscripts; ii) processing of clinical samples for proteomic analysis, and iii) analysis of mass spectrometry derived data. We will also train each research trainee on the preparation of manuscripts.

A bench fee of Rs.50,000 will have to paid as DD in favor of “INSTITUTE OF BIOINFORMATICS” payable at Bangalore

 Interested students should fill an online application form available at