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Our publication on urinary proteome "A comprehensive map of the human urinary proteome" has been cited as one of the most read articles in the Journal of Proteome Research
Nature India, in its July 2011 issue, under 'Science news' section, has featured the study on Human Urinary Proteome published in Journal of Proteome Research (June 2011) by IOB in collaboration with Pandey Lab at JHU.


Proteomic Progress : Cell Press has recently highlighted research achievements of IOB in its 'Chemistry and Biology Innovations' section. The article narrates the transformation of IOB from a small research centre dedicated to biological databases into a multifaceted research institute well equipped to carry out Proteogenomic analyses of large number of organisms which are relevant to global as well as Indian perspectives.

Harsha Gowda, a research scientist  

at IOB has received a Wellcome Trust-DBT Early Career Fellowship which is intended for the most promising young researchers in India.

Dr. Akhilesh pandey was featured in Hopkins Medicine magazine as one of the visionary proteomics researchers working towards mapping the entire human proteome. The article also provides a glimpse of his journey and quest towards establishing a world class research center in India.

IOB successfully hosted a two days Indo-Canandian collaborative workshop on "Integrative and Computa- tional Biology" on December 16 and 17.  Dr. Brenda Andrews, Director, Donelly Center  for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto led four member delegation from Canada in this workshop.

Journal of Proteome Research, in its May 2006 issue, highlighted the achievements of Akhilesh Pandey and co workers at IOB in India, JHU (USA) and University of Wurzburg (Germany) in successfully mapping and assembling largest human interactome.

Science, in its April 2006 issue, has covered Plasma Proteome Database.

Nature, in its July 2005 issue, has covered India's biotech boom. A special mention has been made, of the world class research done by the Institute Of Bioinformatics, to characterize the human X chromosome.

Nature Genetics in its April 2005 edition came out with an editorial 'A feat worth replicating', which praised the Institute's efforts in annotating the X chromosome.